Pratocorde cinghie elastiche trasmissione

Elastic driving Belts.
What else!

Our belts combine resistance, practicality and innovation and they let you work easily and quickly.
A know-how developed throughout 45 years of experience around our customers.

A family bound by the passion for its own job

Since 1978 PratoCorde dedicates itself in producing long durability belts and adapting them to meet demand, offering our customers the chance to customize them.

Through our item we are able to maintain a “balance/equilibrium” between its original features and the openness to the novelty that the market offers, being it in continuous expansion.

We, from Pratocorde, keep up with the arising queries from our customers and improve our item, mainly created for spinning mills, to adjust it identifying its more adaptable peculiarity to what they demand.

Open and close

The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size

Albert Einstein

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Ritortina” (twisted belt) the innovative system that combines the easiness of assembling to the resistance in time.

This kind of belt, open with hook, was created according to the target market, where it is always more fundamental to optimize the work, especially in terms of time.
To get round the problem, then, we improved our item so that it could have an easier mounting but above all allows a long life in time!
So, in 2019 we decided to work on “Ritortina” (twisted belt), whose first sampling are dated back to 2020 and its trade mark was registered in 2022.
The logistic and sorting sectors, where the plants are difficult to maintain are those who, at the moment, are mainly taking advantage from the features and quality of our “ritortina” (twisted belt).

A “Pit-Stop” for your fast changes

In a world where repair for sudden breakdown or for disassembling special plants, even if scheduled, it may create discomfort to the companies in terms of machine stop, “ritortina” (twisted belt), our flag-ship, represents the more reliable solution in terms of simpleness (simpleness) and long-lasting.

Craftsmanship and care of detail

Our product is handmade. It has long production terms; each belt is worked out properly; our staff takes care of it in each step of the production process starting from preparing the raw materials to the finishing process. Our items are looked after in each minimum detail and that grants them a quality and performance to the belts in the market.

PratoCorde resistant since 1978

resistant since 1978

From over 45 years PratoCorde pays a partìcular attention to its job starting from a careful selection of the raw materials, who are regularly tested to verify their quality the study of the finished product, by using particular “simulators, regularly modified and updated to the major performances requested.
In the long run we have developed the capacity to adapt ourselves to the market, pursuing the aim to solve the problems placed by the customers, never giving up and “holding against” any difficulty, just like our product!

An elastic belt that unites the world

PratoCorde is completely “Made in Italy” as all the production processes in Italy, in this particular case they are produced inside our company. By participating at sector fairs, i.e. ITMA for the textile-sector and others on engineering industry, we’ve grown up on the international market and our items arose much curiosity both from Italian companies and from foreign ones, who have been able to get acquainted and try our belts remaining satisfied.

Hours and hours
without breaking?

Hours and hours without breaking?

Then they are PratoCorde’s

Our belts, produced with regularly checked raw materials, are consonant with the feature requested by our customers and realized by taking into consideration their field of application. For this reason our company offers a special assistance: after having made a careful study of the belt we produce a free sampling to make our customers check the belts, suggesting them the more suitable for their needs.

When there is a transmission

PratoCorde’s there!

With our modern items we can satisfy the various needs present in the several sectors with which we cooperate: the industrial cleaning sector, conveyors, logistic and moreover food and beverage, for which we have worked out a belt, then certified, for products made of grain and cereal.

One for each taste!

Rubberized, paraffined and antistatic.

Check it out!

Despite the belt remains always the same, its features change according to the field of application: just like the flavors of an ice-cream, during the sampling our customers can choose the finishing they prefer, so the one that better fits to the type of machinery or plant they use.

People at the hearth of our company’s growth!

PratoCorde considers itself “a small big family”, made up of 10 persons and most of them work in the company since 20 years. In such a reality it is essential to take care of the human relations so that our team has already established a very strong affective bond in which each one holds up the other even and especially in difficult times. Indeed, this very tight relation amongst the employees positively engraves in the job and in the final product, allowing a higher yield.